# Our core purpose as an organisation is
1. To create knowledge platform for Sustainable Mobility with deeper insight into Technology / Economy for Trucks, Buses and Diesel Engines. 
2. To create Centre of Excellence and Automotive Knowledge Bank based on advanced technologies, intelligent and innovative solutions.
3. To contribute to the Aerospace sector.

Core Values

T : Techonomy 
R : Respect 
U : Understanding for individual 
S : Superior quality of Information 
T : Transport Innovation and Terrain Safety


  1. To create information, insight and deeper understanding on India’s commercial transportation and Diesel Engine Industry.
  2. To provide comprehensive web-knowledge on CV industries, Market and Terrain Techonomy for Trucks, Buses and Diesel Engines.
  3. To focus and progress on key aspects of mobility including Commercial Transport, Terrain, Techonomy, Alternate Fuels, Environmental Aspects, Terrain Safety, Reliability, Maintainability and Life Cycle of Trucks, Buses and Diesel engines.
  4. To work towards minimising noise, emissions, accidents, fuel consumption and contribute towards efficient Traffic management systems.
  5. To promote and focus on cutting-edge vehicular technologies, Intelligent systems and promote innovative Transport Solutions.
  6. To work closely with Body and Trailer manufacturers for optimised, safe and secure transport solutions.
  7. To facilitate and create partnership between Industry, Academia, Business and other Institutions.
  8. To work with various Educational and Training institutes to impart specialised and innovative training / learning for facilitating employability and career growth.
  9. Facilitate gradual migration of Human and animal carting to trucks and buses to achieve last meter connectivity.
  10. To impart specialised training / familiarisation and prepare world class Controllers of vehicles ( NOT Drivers) and improve their overall quality of life.
  11. Redefine role of CV Drivers as Operator, Manager and Controller and create next Generation Commercial Vehicle Managers.
  12. To work closely and contribute to Aerospace activities.